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Being a mom is tough, right? It seems as time goes on, things only get more complicated, time consuming, and just all around harder! Gone are the days of the village - now you are expected to be SuperMom and do IT ALL - and all by yourself, with your makeup and hair perfect, and still have time for the gym. Well... I don't know about you, but that certainly is NOT true for me!

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Resources for Busy Moms:

  • Learn How to Meal Plan - seriously, meal planning is SO helpful to distressing that crazy dinner hour. Learn the key steps to making it work for you, plus use the cute free printables to help organize and control the process. 
  • Day Designer Planner is my favorite of all the planners out there - it has plenty of space for daily activities, plus spaces to track your meals, workouts, and all the notes and lists you need to make in a day. Plus it comes in cute covers! It's not cheap, but its SO VALUABLE I don't even care. 

Kitchen Resources:

Gift Guides: 

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