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Friday, April 22, 2016

Custom Hand Forged Kitchen Utensils + Giveaway

Forged Herb Chopper and Kitchen Gadgets

I am super excited to bring you a sweet giveaway today, and to introduce you to an awesome Iowan artist who is hand forging lovely kitchen tools that you seriously need.

You know how every family seems to have that one person who is just really freaking talented at something? That's totally my brother for my family. I remember when he was in middle school we watched this PBS special on Ancient Warfare or something like that - ok, so knowing my parents it wasn't on warfare exactly, but whatever. The point is that after watching this special, and without any prior knowledge, Richard went outside and built a fill-scale working trebuchet. No help from instructions, my dad, nothing. He watched the show. He built it. And we flung pumpkins and 2 liter bottles full of water all over the dang neighborhood. It was so amazing. That's like, just the way his brain works. He just understands how to make things work. If he doesn't have a certain tool, he makes it. If he needs a part, or a really expensive machine, he creates one out of scraps and random bits he finds. And they work! I'm pretty much in awe of this kid.

Herb Chopper - Hand Forged Kitchen Utensils

He is no longer flinging pumpkins around the neighborhood, but he is creating amazing art and forging kitchen gadgets out of recycled metal, and it is so cool! He has created chef knives, herb choppers, corkscrews, steak turners and more out of recycled vintage metal such as old files and railroad spikes. Each piece is hand forged using traditional blacksmithing techniques, and each piece carries uniquely custom characteristics.

Every single piece has been tested to ensure functionality - that it fits in the hand well and that it operates as designed. And I'm not just saying this as his sister - I am saying this as a person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and someone who truly appreciates unique and thoughtful gifts. These items are awesome, and you are going to want them.

If you are looking for unique, functional and gorgeously simplistic kitchen gadgets, you definitely need to check out RWrightStudios on Etsy. These items make amazing gifts for that foodie friend, that hard to buy for person who has everything, or even yourself! They work

I am so super excited not only to show off my kid brother to you, but also to show you these awesome kitchen gadgets, AND to bring you a sweet giveaway you are definitely going to want to win! ONE lucky person is going to win a sweet hand forged herb chopper from RWrightStudios and some secret special goodies that I am going to add in myself!

You Could Win a Unique Hand Forged Herb Chopper!

Herb Chopper - Hand Forged Kitchen Tools

This contest closes on April 29th, 2016. Winner will be announced on THIS post, and will be emailed in person about winning. Thanks! Good Luck!

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** This post was not sponsored or compensated for in anyway. 


  1. I know it's not how it's intended, but if I win that chopper I'm going to use it as my ninja weapon, defending my kitchen from unchopped plants of all kinds.

  2. These are beautiful! I've been admiring them for a while!

  3. Wow! That is gorgeous!!


  4. I would love to win the herb chopper but not sure how to enter ;-(

  5. Those are gorgeous!! Especially the herb chopper.

  6. These are awesome!! I'm going to add this to my "unique wedding gift" file. Just checked out the link and read a little about Richard Wright.

  7. This is so awesome!! I would out this bad boy go good use.

  8. That is one cool Etsy shop! I think the herb chopper is my favorite. Very cool!

  9. I love everything on that page. The herb chopper is definitely my favorite, but I like the bottle openers, too. Thanks for the chance!

  10. Wow! This hand forged chopper is absolutely beautiful — a total work of art! I could definitely use one of these to make chopping herbs easier!

  11. I'd like to have the Hand forged Dinner bell with bottle opener ringer. My kids are usually playing around the neighborhood and I think it would be fun to ring the bell when they need to come home!

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