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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tea for Life - A Teavivre Review

It seems like a good cup of tea has always been in my life.
As a little girl I received a tea set from both of my grandmothers (which I have now passed down to my girls). I remember meeting my friend Dana at a local tea shop and drinking warm mugs while we chatted (mostly about books and boys). And even today, I have an entire cabinet in my kitchen devoted to teas. Its a small cabinet, but still, it overflows. On the rare day that I find myself with some alone time, I almost always brew myself a mug of tea and enjoy a little quiet time.

So when Allison of Teavivre emailed me about sampling some of their teas, I immediately said "Yes!" Teavivre is an online tea shop based in China, and they have a huge passion for teas, and they sell only the best - quality teas produced in China, under traditional Chinese methods.

I love that the website gives the proper water temperature and brewing technique for each tea, so that you get the proper taste for each cup. Western culture tends to have us just plop a tea bag in for a few minutes with a spoon of sugar and gulp it down without much thought. I love that these teas are meant to be savored, enjoyed. It really helps you think about the practice and art of drinking tea. To take a moment and stop and be aware of what you are doing.

The site also posts all kinds of information on it - from proper brewing methods to stories on each tea. I really enjoyed looking each tea up and deciding how to brew it, and then re-steeping to see how flavor profiles changed. Yes, you can re-brew these leaves! They are of superior quality, you can get 2-3 good infusions! Each of these teas were fantastic - I highly recommend checking them out for yourself!

I was sent 4 different teas to test:
Superfine Tan Yang Gong Fu Black is a smooth and mellow tea, and has a bit of a sweet aftertaste.

Yun Nan Dian Hong Black has a bright orange-red color to it, and gives a rich, complex and smooth taste that is almost sweet (it totally smells like a baked sweet potato to me, which is lovely!)

Organic White Peony (Bai MuDan)  is a very delicate tea with a lingering slightly sweet flowery taste. Normally I don't like "flowery" teas, but I find this one is more refreshing and light. This one definitely surprised me. This is great for afternoon or late evening relaxing!

Menghai Golden Buds Tribute This tea was a bit darker and fuller than the others,  and gives off warm and earthy flavors. This is a good morning tea.

Overall, I was highly impressed by all the teas, the website, and the knowledge that lies within! I will definitely be buying some more!! Tea for life! And because I loved them, I thought you might like to try them, too! So, hello! First ever giveaway! Enter below for a chance to win one sample of each of the 4 teas I tried! Plus, since this is my first ever give-away, I thought I would throw in some extra tea-related goodies for you, from me! So don't forget to enter! (how many more exclamation points could I possibly use to get you as excited as I am?)

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  1. ANY time is the perfect time to drink tea! I just finished a cup just a moment ago! :)

  2. I love tea! They all sound amazing!!!

  3. I love tea in the afternoon around 3pm so good.

  4. I love drinking tea anytime, but especially on cold or rainy mornings :)

  5. my perfect time to drink tea is when i'm thirsty xD

  6. Who won? did i win? i hope i won.


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