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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bread Baking Day #56 Roundup!

Today is the day I get to reveal all the gorgeous breads baked for this month's Bread Baking Day! I was so excited to host this challenge, and hope everyone enjoyed it! If you missed the announcement, I challenge my fellow bread bakers to try to purposefully create a design on the crust of their bread using any material they wanted - nuts, seeds, flour, additional dough, even food coloring "paint". I chose this challenge for a reason - normally we are so overly concerned with getting the gluten development right, having the correct proofing temperature and getting a good oven spring and crust developed, that often times our crust appearance gets left in the dust - sprinkled with flour and slashed or maybe an egg white wash. I've been wanting to try my hand at some crust decoration myself, and thought this would be a fantastic time to involve others, too! And I could not be happier with the results! 

Take a look at all these amazing and beautiful loaves (and rolls)! 

Anna, who blogs over at Heavenly Sweets (thank you Google Translate!) in Austria made these delicious Sweet Grassini (or Knabbergebäck), using hot honey to adhere the sesame seeds. 

Sarah, who lives in Ontario, Canada and blogs at What Smells So Good? made a Lassy Beer Boule and slashed a "Winter Tree" design into the crust.

Breadsong, also lives in Canada and has a blog over at The Fresh Loaf - Breadsong's Blog . She made an Un-kneaded Six Fold French Bread  and used a piece of fabric lace as a stencil to create a lovely lacy pattern on her bread. For extra points she made a second loaf of bread, a sourdough flower bread that was inspired by a felt hat! She used a special decorative dough for the flowers, mixing together flour with cornmeal, pea flour, a cocoa to produce the colors.

Korena, who blogs over at Korena in the Kitchen out of British Columbia, Canada, made this gorgeous decorated honey white challah and used extra bits of dough to create these beautiful swirls on top. 

Ninive, who blogs at ninivepises from Germany made these delicious looking donuts with a maple glaze and chocolate sprinkles, that she split open and filled with fresh apple sauce.

Stefanie, also from Germany, blogs at Hefe und mehr, made these gorgeous Wheat-Rye loaves and used both scoring and dough ornamentation to make these lovely loaves! 

Katha blogs at Katha-Kocht in Germany, and she made this lovely "Party-Brotkranz" buns which she decorated with white and black sesame seeds and dried rosemary into little hearts on the top of each one using a cookie cutter! Cute! 

Sandra who blogs at From Snuggs Kitchen (and also lives in Germany) baked this loaf of Milk Grain Bread, and  decorated the crust with oats. 

Barafra from Germany blogs over at Barafas Kochloeffel. She made a Party Tree Bread, which is a gorgeously decorative loaf in itself. She then took it over the top by incorporating lots of different seeds and oatmeal onto the bread. 

Sabina from Italy blogs at Sabina kocht und backt . She made this lovely Pumpkin Seed Wholemeal Flour Bread and added extra pumpkin seeds on the crust of her bread to create her design. 

Cinzia from Italy blogs over at CindyStar Blog. She made a lovely rosemary bread and decorated it with coarse salt "diamonds" and a lovely star scoring pattern.

pane rosmarino integrale

Anna from the blog Llepadits lives in Spain, and she made this lovely brioche cremantaise and studded it with rum soaked raisins.

Zorra from 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf (and the lovely creator of Bread Baking Day) lives in Spain. She created this lovely seeded bread with a braid on top! 

City Bread in Light Spelt from My Italian Smorgasbord. Barbara, who blogs in Sweden, decided to use some fancy scoring with a razor blade to create this gorgeous pattern on her bread.

Connie lives in Thailand and blogs over at My Discovery Of Bread. She made this lovely Sourdough Roasted Garlic Bread and decorated the crust of her bread with cilantro leaves. (psst! Turns out we made the same thing! How funny!) 

Cathy from Georgia, USA blogs over at Bread Experience. She made this lovely Braided Poppy Seed Loaf - and like the name implies, this bread features a beautiful braid and is dotted with poppy seeds (and hidden inside the bread are black sesame seeds) and a big red bow!

Judy, who blogs at Judy Gross Eats and lives in California, USA made this fashionable egg bread and used a very cool technique of slashing, rolling, and coiling the dough to form a beautiful loaf of bread!

Lisa, who blogs at Parsley, Sage and Sweet and lives in New Jersey, USA made these lovely Six Seed Garlic Onion Poolish Rolls and decorated them with six different types of seeds on the crust. 

Lynn who blogs over at Turnips 2 Tangerines is from Wisconsin, USA. She made a lovely bread known as "The Easiest Loaf of Bread You Will Ever Bake!" and decorated the crust by scoring the bread and stuffing it with green onions and dried cherries. 

Shelley from C Mom Cook lives in Pennsylvania, USA. She made a French Baguette and she and her daughter painted swirls and designs onto the crust using a "paint" made of dark cocoa flour.

Ruth, also from Pennsylvania, USA blogs over at The Crafts of Mommyhood. She made  French Bread and painted  a lovely spring scene with egg yolk/food coloring paint.  

Last but not least, here is my bread! If you've never been here before, my name is Jenni, and I live on the border between Ohio and West Virginia in USA. I made a Roasted Garlic Sourdough bread and decorated the crust with cilantro sprigs (and way too much flour!). 

Thank you ALL for participating with me this month! I hope you had as much fun as I have had and that you now have lots of ideas flowing around for additional ways to "decorate" your breads! :) And don't forget to check out  to see what next month will hold! 


  1. What a beautiful collection of breads! You chose a wonderful theme this month and I am so glad to have been a part of it!!

  2. Thanks a lot to you for organise this bread bake day!
    Greets Sabina

  3. Thanks for hosting Jenni! I'm off to visit some blogs :)

  4. A beautiful roundup! That is really a bread fashion show. Thank you for hosting!

  5. What a great collection of wonderful bread. I specially love Barbara's Tree and Stefanie's bread cutting. They look so nice.

    Thank you for organising this event.


  6. Love the post - a great reminder there's more than cookies to decorate with the kids!

  7. Love the post - so great to see something other than cookies to decorate with the kids!

  8. What a gorgeous round-up of beautiful breads, Jenni! Next time I'm braiding bits of dough and painting!! I'm sick of seeds lol Thank you for a great BBD!!

  9. Sorry I'm late, but this gallery is showing wonderful decorated breads!
    Love them all! :-P
    Thanks again for hosting!

  10. Sorry I'm late, but this gallery is showing wonderful decorated breads!
    Love them all!
    Thanks again for hosting!


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